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Traverse by Micoland & Holly Bretton

Album Description

Released:December 23rd, 2008

A man who needs no introduction to regular followers of Dead Channel, Micoland returns to the label accompanied by the sublime, sultry tones of his sister Holly Bretton.

Waves of deeper than deep beats intermingle with creeping melodies to create a perfect soundscape for Holly’s haunting vocals. Fans of Portishead, Lamb and Massive Attack should definitely check this album out, although Traverse manages to achieve a personal sound that defies direct comparison.

An album that reveals it’s many layers with repeated listening, and could serve as the perfect soundtrack to your post-club sessions and deep-chilled moments, Traverse proved an instant winner with everyone here, we hope you enjoy it too.

(From Dead Channel)

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jason on 05/27/09 at 05:21PM
Great stuff, recommended by Texture (of Double Helix) and Harlequinade, when they were here at WFMU on Billy Jam's show last Friday
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