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The Martyr and the Magician (Instrumentals) by Michael Howard

Album Description


"One of the marvels of this album is its economy of sound. With precision and delicacy, Howard turns soil, levels mountains and burns houses down without ever condescending or alienating the listener. Each song is an invitation to engage in the triumphs of his efficacy... Each song on the album brandishes its own identity of fondled guitar strings: a lackadaisical strum, a binding of chords, a variety of picking styles. Some of the tracks on the album have a rambler picking style that is reminiscent of Bob Dylan’s early ventures into folk blues, while others carry the melodic strumming style of Sfjan Stevens, and the contemplative plucking of Dave Von Ronk. They are a representation of Howard’s investigation into his style and craft, but rather than coming across as experimental or as a discordant amalgamation of key signatures and rhythms, his songs are a comprehensive, well-woven quilt." - Anchorage Press



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