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Released:November 10th, 2013

You know, it’s true … Joey Burns did offer them a job, but they decided to write some songs instead, and it’s all really a long time ago – but STILL here we are …

With the open source release of the first album "TODAY IS SUNDAY“, made possible by the Dutch Netlabel WM Recordings in 2008, started as a two-men project, founded in a little home studio in Cologne two notable fellows; one, club operator and singing half of the electropop duo SCHMACKES UND PINSCHER, responsible for the intense and brilliant vocals, and the other, music teacher and insomniac, writing and performing the captivating and miscellaneous music. In the last three years the album was spread over the internet and reached listeners all over the world where it found general approve.

Meanwhile, the project has grown up… In 2011 and 2012 launched two further open source releases, THE SOBER EP and THE JOEY BURNS EP, which still are available for free at

The production of the current album THE JUDAS HOLE took place with the support of Music Producer Hannes Jaeckl from AMPERSAND and features a number of guest musicians and friends of the band. THE JUDAS HOLE convinces with beautiful and accurate arranged songs, partly concentrated to the perfect moment and partly overflowing you ears with impulsive soundscapes.

This Album shows the whole band width of independent music without losing the thread. It was first released in December 2012 by the Cologne Indie label SONGPARK, as a commercial download on current music platforms. Now, less than a year later, you can enjoy the whole thing for free!

Have fun!

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nasiloski on 11/14/13 at 12:03PM
Hi, my name is Daniel, I'm from Brazil and I liked to use the your songs, especially "The man who mistook his wife for a hat" so I had problems with Youtube licence. Would you give me permission to use your songs on my youtube videos?
Here is the link for my channel:
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