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Thee Sigil ov E by Magna Ingress

Album Description

Magna Ingress "Thee Sigil ov E"
Recorded:February 21st, 2018
Producer: CN Lundqvist

CN Lundqvist is a music producer from Sweden, active during 2013-2018. A quiet but outspoken resident "fixer" responsible for the majority of works by Ars Sonor since 2015, bringing the unfinished works by various orphaned music projects towards the state-of-the-art condition, she effectively turned Ars Sonor into the atmospheric electronica project and made the enormous contribution to both Parvus Decree and Magna Ingress collections. Diluting the music output of others with her own contributions, the epitome of her approach saw the light as I Transform (2015-2018). She writes music reviews, poetry and free-form prose in her spare time. She took an active part in a multimedia project Frequency Alcyone during 2016-2018 as a writer, and most of her output saw the light as a printed book. She is a notorious vegan.

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Originally released as Ov Thee Key in February 2018. Featuring Samantha D.

Produced between Stockholm, Sweden (Kista) and Laurel, Maryland, USA.



Thee Sigil ov E

Thee Sigil ov E by Magna Ingress is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial License.
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