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 Magical Unicellular Music (1 Albums, 1 Tracks)


LOCATION:Russia / Belarus

Magical Unicellular Music (V.O.M. – В.О.М.) – the project was started in 2004 by Solntsetsvety (Солнцецветы) artistic group in Minsk (Belarus). Solntsetsvety are famous for their explosive psychedelic performances and especially bold sound experiments that paradoxically mix primitivistic lo-fi and delicate sound-work, vital juices of afro-american music and visions of Vienna symphonists. All this mash up happens within the formal frame of a standard rock band line-up (almost standard, except for the use of radio and noise pickups), and just maybe, somewhere in the distance one could catch a glimpse of that notoriously famous ‘russian soul’.
Magical Unicellular Music is a desperate attempt to form and deliver somewhat valid shape of the ever-evading fabric of life. The result turned out to be simple, even primitive. Basically it turned out as protest against time, against continuous loss of memory and manic desire for changes. This manic craving for constant changes so familiar to all of us probably is the factor that makes human beings not take notice of objects and phenomena that require some in-depth study. One shouldn’t mix V.O.M. with most of the psychedelic culture, that is frequently filled with memory loss – V.O.M. suggests remembering. Remembering as much as one can, bit by bit. This is true, primitive music.
Several bands simultaneously function in the context of the Magical Unicellular Music project in different cities – V.O.M. III and V.O.M. V in Minsk, V.O.M. IV in Moscow.




01. Inconceivable (40:19)


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