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 Lucas Perný (1 Albums, 15 Tracks)


LOCATION:Komjatice, Slovakia

Lucas Perny  is avant-garde drummer-composer, best known for his extraordinary performances and exprimental drum solo albums Psychedelic Winterland (2009), Psychedelic Springland (2011), The Rondel (2013) and single "Newborn" (2011). He is a member of Lucas Perny & Miloslav Kollár project. He was also member of music projects as  Stefanik, Perny & Kollar feat. Kofi, Dilusion and Krumplipapricash. He also played with solo musicians  keyboardists Majlo Štefánik, Matej Miklos, Pad Brady, didgeridist Braňo “Kofi” Hargaš, multi-instrumentalist Miloslav Kollár and solo guitarist Jimi Ružička.

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