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Moments by Lobo Loco

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Some more Folk, Blues, Jazz Compositions I'd produced during the last years.All made with overdubbing and mixed with Audition.

Main Instruments are Guitar and Piano sometimes in the Back with spherical Synthie.Recording with an Zoom R16.Most of them are instrumental and some with lyrics.Chilled melodics ... Often "spacy", "dreamy" and sometimes "chocking"

Instruments:Acustic Guitar, E-Guitar, E-Bass, Hammond Organ, E-Piano, Jazz Organ, Bluesharph, Percussions

Vocals & LyricsRecording, Arrangement, Mixing, MasteringMade by Lobo Loco (Wolf Schweizer-Gerth) 2013-16

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Yake n' Bake on 09/23/16 at 05:33PM
This stuff is great! I like to play it when driving at night
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