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Music For Podcasts 2 by Lee Rosevere

Album Description

Released:February 29th, 2016

Another collection of podcast-ready tunes!

This album is intended for podcasts that have sponsors to use this music without additional permission, as long as credit is given. Podcasts without sponsors are welcome to use this material as well.

Please read the license requirements:

If you have any questions about whether or not you can use it, just send us a friendly email and we'll be happy puppys to answer you.


"Places Unseen" contains a sample of "Everybody's Got Problems That Aren't Mine" by Chris Zabriskie (BY)

"Gone" contains a sample of "When it's Gone" by Another Cultural Landslide (BY)

"Thoughtful" contains a sample of the track "Thoughts" by Gurdonark (BY-SA)

"It's A Mystery" and "Snakes" were written for Daniel Kaufman's Myoclonic Jerk podcast:

Special thanks to Heather Feather






Music For Podcasts 2
01. Places Unseen (04:22)
02. In A Moment (03:25)
03. Heat Haze (03:15)
04. Gone (05:00)
05. Under Suspicion (02:48)
06. Keep Trying (02:38)
07. Evening Glow (02:41)
08. It's A Mystery (02:39)
09. Thoughtful (04:00)
10. Puzzle Pieces (01:33)
11. Reflections (02:44)
12. The Long Journey (01:39)
13. Wandering (01:11)
15. Snakes (02:41)
16. Last Call (02:55)

Music For Podcasts 2 by Lee Rosevere is licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike License.
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