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Light Years by Lee Rosevere

Album Description

Released:February 22nd, 2008

«The dazzling state before the magnanimous perspective of space is something that affects most people. The infinite, the fascinating void… the senses numbed by the impossibility to explain everything that surrounds us… these are the first images that ‘Light Years’ - a new release by Lee Rosevere – awake in our mind. Lee has been releasing his works mostly through his own label Happy Puppy Records and a few others like my good friend Adam’s Proc-Records.

The beginning of this work starts with a drone that moves around within minimal frequencies, as if it was the soundtrack of a voyage through space and everything it represents – the emptiness and the fullness. Micro-tonalities gravitate and leave us in static before the sound waves that fill the universe. The cosmos, nebulae and aurora borealis saw through a sonic telescope made of abstract frequencies, that could prolong into eternity like a Buddha Machine. In ‘Onyx’, time advances at light speed only to land in a future inhabited by machines, cold magnetic sounds that collide with the dirty steel of robots. All the speeches are strange, indefinite, leaving behind only minimalisms which end up dominating us in an almost hypnotic manner. An invasion with license to travel (to dream)…» - Pedro Nunes (testtube)



Light Years
01. Nebula (20:56)
02. Onyx (05:31)
03. Deathless (04:10)
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toghan on 03/03/11 at 05:32AM
It isn't often you hear a good personification of the infinite void.
This is that vision, and well done, it is.
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