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Event Horizon by Lee Rosevere

Album Description

Released:April 14th, 2019

1 Black hole. 4 days. 4 songs each.

On Wednesday April 10, the very first image of a black hole was released by NASA.

Moments after the announcement, Lee and Daniel decided to write & produce an album of new music inspired by the black hole - each one contributing 4 songs, and the deadline was Sunday, April 14. This is what they created.

Additionally, two songs that were written collaboratively appear as bonus tracks.

Share and enjoy. You can find more about Daniel's music at:

Dedicated to the EHT team at NASA and the National Science Foundation.

This music is free for you to use in non-commercial project. Please email the artist if you wish to license this music for commercial purposes.

Tracks 1, 3, 5, 7 written and produced by Lee Rosevere
Tracks 2, 4, 6, 8 written and produced by Daniel Birch
Tracks 9 and 10 written and produced by Lee Rosevere and Daniel Birch

photo courtesy of NASA



juliabrown1966 on 06/28/19 at 02:42PM
amazing work
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