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Wordless Language by Lee Rosevere

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Each Thursday, Marc Weidenbaum, who runs the website, posts a compositional assignment based on deliberate constraints "to stoke creativity". The track must be finished by the following Monday night.

This is a second volume of some of Lee's submissions to the Junto community, written over the past year or so. 

This collection is bookended with two previously unreleased tracks, both written/produced January 1, 2015.

For more, visit the Junto page at or listen to all submitted compositions at the disquiet Soundcloud page:

1. Wordless Language

previously unreleased

2.  Music to brush your teeth by

Compose a piece of music made of four portions, each 30 seconds in length, each 30-second segment intended to direct a segment of the brushing of teeth.

3. Palmyra (free Bassel)

Create soundscapes for an ancient Middle Eastern city. And in the process, we’re going to raise awareness about an imprisoned open-source developer with strong ties to the Creative Commons community. Bassel Khartabil, before his arrest on March 15, 2012, in Damascus, was working on several projects, among them a 3D rendering of the ancient city of Palmyra. Much as Bassel was trying to revive an ancient world, you are, in essence, keeping one of his projects alive while he is incapable of doing so.   

4. Alamogordo

Create music for a fake movie whose plot is ‘Poltergeist meets Wreck-It Ralph

5. IX

Compose music to accompany one minute of a dance video by Cori Marquis.

6. Procession

Write a piece of music to accompany this haiku (from the Naviar Haiku Project):
“They encounter
A cathedral of ice
At the end of the world”

7. Steeper

Record the sound of a tea kettle coming to a boil, and create a piece of music that originates from the sound of that tea kettle reaching its climax.

8. There's A Lifetime

A song inspired by the following haiku by Marc Weidenbaum (Disquiet Junto)

"There's a lifetime in
between the first and second
click of the door's lock"

9. Veusz

Written for the Naviar Tacet #001 to accompany the video "Silêncio", by Rodrigo Dario: (original video)

10. Westy Reflector and LR - Truth is a lonely place

Compose a 2.5-minute soundtrack to complement a work of silent video art by Josh Azzarella. This piece was selected for the San Jose Museum of Art 'Momentum' exhibit. Written by Westy Reflector, remixed by LR.

Also available on Westy Reflector's album "Particle Theory"

11. Yellow Dog Blues

In honor of the centennial of W.C. Handy’s “The Yellow Dog Blues,” the radio show Studio 360 is holding a contest, inviting people to produce their original rendition of the song. Written by W.C. Handy. Warning: contains singing.

12. Wordless Language ii

previously unreleased

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