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  • Loren Connors
  • Suzanne Langille

Guitarist Loren Connors was born in New Haven, Connecticut in 1949. Best known as a composer and improviser, Connors has issued over 50 guitar records on his own imprints (Daggett, St. Joan, Black Label) since the late 1970s and over two dozen on other labels across the globe. He has recorded under the names Guitar Roberts, Loren Mattei, Loren MazzaCane Connors and other variations. Connors’ singular adpation of the blues is a distinct personal vision combining the Delta bottleneck sound and the ancestral blues voice (appearing as distortion, baying hounds or multi-tracked guitar), with hauntingly unexpected sounds. Outside of Connors’ three decades of solo work, he has collaborated with Suzanne Langille, Jim O’Rourke, Darin Gray, Alan Licht, Christina Carter, Keiji Haino, San Agustin, Jandek and many others, as well as leading the group Haunted House. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Suzanne Langille is most widely known as the accompanying vocalist of soulful and blues-filled moans with guitarist and partner Loren MazzaCane Connors. Since the mid-1980s Suzanne has made appearances on Connors’ albums — most notably the two Blues Master LPs, In PittsburghRooms, and The Crucible. In 1998 she stepped out with the wondrous “Strong and Foolish Heart” 7″ (Road Cone), likened to the “the sound of bones drying.” Next was the full-length LP The Enchanted Forest (Secretly Canadian), a song cycle based on John Lebar’s 1945 film of the same name in which Langille acts out the story of a lost child, a forest’s impending end and those that try and save it, through the voices of six characters. An outright stunner 8 years later.

In 2010 Langille made what may view as her debut full-length, the critically heralded Wild & Foolish Heart with Neel Mugari.
Outside of her duo and live performances with Connors, Langille was the lead vocalist/channeler for Haunted House, the thundering blue-improv combo lead by Connors. She has also worked extensively with San Agustin trio, adding perfect color and emotional depth to their rolling ebb and flow.





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