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Neuron by Kirk Pearson

Album Description

Artwork by Mari Kroin
Released:July 7th, 2012

Julia Egan is a vocalist, guitarist, music theorist and mammal. She sings folk songs and performs at New York's Classical Guitar Society. She has composed for NPR's Radiolab, can hit a high C, and once bought a ukulele, but does not remember where or why. 

Kirk Pearson is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and mammal. He makes an EP every three months, composed two symphonies and has written music for films, plays, commercials, the BBC and NPR. He writes music with a computer, which makes him kind of like a scientist, but doesn't sleep which makes him kind of like a musician.

They met in their junior year at New York's LaGuardia School for Music and Art. Over the course of 400 days, Egan and Pearson wrote and recorded an album about insomnia, romance and neuroscience. This is said album. 


Julia Egan is currently a student at the Eastman School of Music for guitar performance. Kirk Pearson studies physics and music composition at Oberlin.



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CodesAndNotes on 01/30/15 at 03:53PM
I'm missing the words to express how much I enjoyed this album. I cannot quite put my finger on it... Is it the staggering amount of ideas and melodies found in each song, competing for your attention? Or maybe it is the compelling vocal work performed by this duet of artists? Is it the way those guitar and mandolin strings manage to get in sync with human emotions?
Whatever: Neuron avoids all the cheesiness one may find in that "indie" sound. The album is gorgeous, honest, playful, fresh (potentially timeless? We'll see).
I'm betting it is one of those albums I'll still be coming back to in 5 or 10 years.
My hat goes to you, Kirk and Julia. You achieved quite something there.
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