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Sunset by Kai Engel


funbhabhi on 09/30/15 at 10:10PM
Can I use this for a nonprofit video?
using these credits:

Music "Sunset"by Kai Engal
From the Free Music Archive
CC by A

Please help!! For domestic violence awareness nonprofit promoting our october event
Yuss on 11/06/15 at 12:22PM
Can I use "Sunset" to accompany a video of a property business that I'm looking to promote?

If so, I'd use the following credits.
Music "Sunset"by Kai Engal
From the Free Music Archive
CC by A

Is that acceptable?
fairyfingers883 on 11/17/15 at 05:49AM
Thanks for the amazing track!
I used it for a watercolor painting of mine.

Of course song credit was given and pointing your way :)
ElisaT-B on 06/13/16 at 08:33PM
First cut chosen for my video project; perfect for setting the mood for images of my photo montage of the views from my home at the end of the day.
Fede on 06/23/16 at 03:50PM
amazing job. I'm going to use this track for a no profit video. it's ok? you have a great talent
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