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Collected Works 2004-2014 by K.L. Sealegs

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Released:January 6th, 2015

A little over a year ago, I was made aware of my music being played on the radio station CFRC in Kingston, Ontario. The DJ responsible for programming my music was the enigmatic KL Sealegs on her experimental/electronic program called Below The Decks.

I contacted her, expressing my thanks for airplay and started listening to her program regularly via the online archives.

A few months later, she modestly (and apologetically) played one of her own compositions "Train" on the show. I asked if she would be willing to collect her soundworks into a compilation album for release on Happy Puppy, and what you have here is the result.

You can listen to her program Below The Decks at the CFRC website, follow her on tumblr and hear more music from her group Fire Moss (who just released a new album October 2014).

A companion album of music written exclusively for Below The Decks is also available as a fundraiser for CFRC Radio:


KL Sealegs: Collected Works, 2004-2014

This collection is a comprehensive but by no means exhaustive hodge-podge of field recordings, found sounds, and analog synthesizers captured and edited in various contexts over the past 10 years
1. Whoa (4:07) - recorded in Kingston, ON in October, 2011. Originally released on the "Kingston Sonic Expeditionaries" compilation in November, 2011.
2. Ding (2:33) - recorded in Kingston, ON in September, 2010.
3. Train (7:11) - recorded in Dominion City, MB in August, 2007.
4. Niagara (11:40) - excerpt of a live performance recorded by Jeffrey Sinibaldi at Mahtay in St. Catharines, ON in March, 2014.
5. Moss (18:50) - live performance recorded by Michael Lynn at ArraySpace in Toronto, ON in March, 2014.
6. Time Tells You (10:35) - recorded at various locations in the summer of 2003.  Originally released on the "Deep Wireless 1: Radio Art" compilation in May, 2004.
7. Free Yogurt (edit) (24:13) - recorded in Kingston, ON in October, 2013. Conversation with Scott Stevens; double-bass by David Parker. Originally broadcast on the Radia network in October, 2013.



Collected Works 2004-2014
01. KL Sealegs - Whoa (04:07)
02. KL Sealegs - Dingo (02:33)
03. KL Sealegs - Train (07:11)
04. KL Sealegs - Niagara (11:40)
05. KL Sealegs - Moss (18:50)

Collected Works 2004-2014 by K.L. Sealegs is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial License.
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