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Vocal Vibe Radio by Jeffrey Philip Nelson

Album Description

Vocal Vibe Radio

Recorded live in Redondo Beach CA. Mastered for vinyl in Nashville TN. Mastered for Digital in EL Segundo CA. Pressed and Printed in wonderful Los Angeles CA. This is the true americana art form. The songs, engineering, and production have been carefully handled by your truly to bring a sonic experience that is both exciting and enjoyable. Think of this album like a Rye Whiskey; it is spicy, fruity and timeless. All instrumentation is analog and authentic. Think of this album as a mix between OG Elton John and The Band (Pre-Last Waltz). Enjoy music brought to you by less people




Vocal Vibe Radio
01. Shotglass (03:50)
02. Pal of Many (04:08)
04. Shame On Me (03:51)
05. A Love So Bad (04:07)
06. Stallion (05:06)
07. Better Memories (03:44)
08. Not Me (04:21)
09. Say What (03:28)

Vocal Vibe Radio by Jeffrey Philip Nelson is licensed under a Attribution License.
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Zerg Radio on 12/13/15 at 05:51PM
Fan video here!
lrockhq on 12/17/15 at 02:56AM
This album is available for purchase at Noisetrade & Bandcamp.

I see Jamendo listed above as a purchase venue, but that's absolutely bogus. The only thing that sub-standard outfit may sell you is a license to use this album, which seems entirely unnecessary for most purposes as the album is licensed so liberally under an attribution license. The album is also for sale at Amazon & CD Baby, but you can look into that by visiting Jeff's Noisetrade page cited above or his own website (

And, of course, in case anyone is unclear, you can use this work for any purpose, not only "...for Video".
CoachShane on 02/07/16 at 10:44PM
Excellent music.
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