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Bunk by Jahzzar

Album Description


Bunk is a collection of beats. It's instrumental hip hop and ambient. Minimalism and maximalism. To explain it, is better to imagine a triangle. In one vertex we would have r'n'b: The Weeknd, Drake or araabMUZIK (even). In another, the maximalism of people like Flying Lotus, Rustie, amor,est. or Mouse on Mars. Dreamer Tokyo may also be included in this vertex. The last vertex would be for the minimalist ambient: Alva Noto, Balam Acab, Nicolas Jaar electro ... Arguably, Bunk tries to find the middle point within this triangle. Is a compilation of tracks seeking contrast: relaxation with jerky rhythms and noisy arrengements, and tension with dark and minimal atmospheres. Yet, Bunk is quiet music in general. Good for listening to after a hard day's work.

Influences... In addition to what has been said, summer nights, strong rythms, Amon Tobin, FICXixón, scientific outreach programs, DJ Vadim, low light, James Blake, deserted streets, radio..


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01. Intruder (04:52)
02. Meantime (02:28)
03. Cinematic (02:49)
04. Washing Machine (03:33)
05. Lemonade (03:12)
06. Elevator (04:21)
07. Undone (04:25)
08. Whisper (03:51)
09. Nightmare (02:52)

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missgravity on 09/06/14 at 02:44AM
Wow. This album is just everything. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I love it and everyone I show this album to loves it too
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