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Picnic at La Brea by Jack Hertz

Album Description

Jack Hertz - 'Picnic at La Brea'
Released:May 17th, 2013

suRRism-Phonoethics is proud to announce the album 'Picnic at La Brea' by Jack Hertz!

Music systems like arranging, notes and tunings are the earliest tools we have for controlling timbre. About 20 years ago, it occurred to me that one day, there would be new ways to control timbre without the need for traditional music systems.

So, I started developing some early models using various types of synthesizers that didn't work too well due to the limitations of MIDI and low powered machines. A few years ago, I was able to resolve these limitations using USB, Softsynths and fast computers to devise what I call the "6x6." A system of 6, 6 Operator FM Synthesizers that are controlled in real time with custom made interfaces. Nothing is predetermined in this system. There are no keys, samples, loops, recordings or sequences. When I turn it on, and start turning knobs. Things can go in any direction at any time. Its a bit like trying to drive an avalanche, as you have a lot of power but no control over the destination.

Listen to what music-less timbre can sound like. The following tracks were all created by manipulating the waveforms and envelopes of 36 oscillators in real-time direct to the mixed you hear. The tracks were recorded at the follow places and dates:

1. Picnic at La Brea (13:59)
Studio Improvisation 2013-03-14

2. Forest of Spires (17:49)
Koinonia Experimental Music Festival 2013-03-16

3. Devils Slide (10:06) March Equinox 2013 Concert 2013-03-23

4. Gamelan Moods (5:45)
Koinonia Experimental Music Festival 2013-03-16

5. Dry Waves (9:32)
Studio Improvisation 2013-03-08
About Jack Hertz

Jack Hertz works with real and artificial sounds to create intangible techno-organic impressions between music and noise. Jack has worked with many artists over the 30 years he has been playing. He has released more than 35 albums on netlabels around the world and receives regular air play on many radio stations. More information can be found at

Cover Image

Painted by Robert Bruce Horsfall in 1911. The image depicts the Saber Tooth Cat (Smilodon californicus) and Dire Wolf (Canis dirus) fight over a Columbian Mammoth (Mammuthus columbi) carcass in the La Brea Tar Pits.

Source: "A history of Land mammals in the Western Hemisphere" by William B. Scott 1913. Public domain - Library of Congress QE881 .S36.

Released by suRRism-Phonoethics (sPE_0139)

Download from IA the whole package including 320Kbps Mp3′scovers & information here.



Picnic at La Brea
02. Forest of Spires (17:50)
03. Devils Slide (10:07)
04. Gamelan Moods (05:46)
05. Dry Waves (09:24)
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