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Riddim Guerilla - "Lens" by Italian Dub Community

Album Description

Released:April 27th, 2010

Two years ago was published as free release the compilation "Showcase volume one" of the Italian dub community. Production edited by the netlabel Aquietbump with for goal to present the Italian dub scene.

In this month of April 2010, this community is coming with the second chapter of this series with the surprising "Italian dub community Showcase vol. 2". Surprising by the fact that this new release, still proposed under a Creative Commons License and in free download, is presented in 3 different part.
Each part corresponding to a full CD. 3 parts and a total of 45 tracks for a community who doesn't stop to grow. That nice.

So, by this fact, it's a little bit long to download the whole (about 130Mb by part) but we have no regrets of this waiting time after, when we launch our Amarok, VLC or other favourite player.
Actually, as the first volume, we discover a fresh and interesting music. The Italian dub has its "marque de fabrique", this touch which does of it as unique sound. That we can add a stamp and to classify it as "Italian dub". A sound between Jamaican roots, UK stepper and French novo dub but with its own influences.

A sound which is sometime totally digital, by some other size analogue. Which could be heavy such as light. But always inna a maximum dubwise style.

- Dub Connection


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