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Manifest Destiny by Gilman Mom

Album Description

Released:August 21st, 2017
Producer: Dominic Francisco

I want it to feel like a troubled night walk of self-reflection that blossoms into realization.


This album isn’t for you so much as it is for me. I needed a way to document my circular thought process. Around and around until I stumbled upon developments. It’s not for everybody but it’s what I felt in my head when I thought about you for so long after that night. Nature surrounded me almost perfectly as this unfolded; you left me in the rain and by the time that storm ended I had found myself again. With this piece I want to remember who I was and how I got here. However fragile we were and unfit for each other, I gained so much insight into who I am from what was us. With your inadvertent help I’ve entered a state of definity. This is my journey to that place.


Macaque Records 001


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Manifest Destiny
02. Houndstooth (04:08)
03. Samson (03:55)
04. Made of Dye (01:05)
05. Sinking (04:36)
06. Fool's Gold (04:52)
07. Macaque (01:31)
09. Busline (02:39)
10. Ego Death (04:20)
11. Montana (03:57)
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