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  • Isma Doblado (vocals)
  • Marc Mas (bass guitar)
  • Dani P. LaFleur (drums)
  • Félix Prados (guitar)


Gain has its origins in the band 132, a power-pop outfit of the mid ´90s, which had its career highlight when they performed at the Contempopranea festival.

With a newer found interest in the more guitar-driven sounds of grunge, alt-rock and even influences of hardcore and progressive rock, 132 dissolved, giving way to the raising of Gain from its ashes around 2002.

Some demos and various changes in the guitar slot later, the band starts the recording of its first album, “Qué va a ser de nosotros” during the Summer of 2007, produced by Santi García.

After the recording, guitarist Gabriel Maderazo joins the band as 2nd guitar, and Gain enjoys one of its most active live periods prior to the releasing of the record, which is finally self-released in 2008.

Due to the need of writing new songs along with the lack of monetary resources, Gain creates its own studio, where “Somos Aire” (2011) is recorded. A more intricate and elaborated disc, without the immediacy of the previous “Qué va a ser de nosotros” yet still maintaining the intensity and full-bodied sound of the guitars. These combined turns out to be the perfect vehicle for Isma´s harrowing voice, which gives meaning to Gain´s music.

Gabriel leaves in Spring 2011, and after a relatively short break, the vital need to play and new musical ideas, Gain is back in the game with the joining of Luis Moreno on the 2nd guitar.



timdax on 03/11/14 at 01:51AM
you guys are great. love it. keep it mov'n home boys. dig it. ;)
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