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Spectrum (Subdiffusion Mix) by Foniqz

Album Description

Released:May 28th, 2012
Producer: Foniqz

 Gorgeous summer time 3 track bass music EP from London based producer Foniqz.Features the laidback atmospherics of D2, the groove laced melodic broken beat of Smudj, and a funky synthtastic d+b remix of Spectrum by Subdiffusion.This stuff is very good for the soul, dive in...



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Spectrum (Subdiffusion Mix) by Foniqz is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 International License.
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KarlaBurelo on 09/05/12 at 12:05AM
Hi! I found this great song of you: 03. Spectrum (Subdiffusion Mix)

I’d like to use it for my work, but I will not sell the video, it will be only for showing to our future clients what can we can do with your magazines and how... so we are not selling the video or making money with it, we will be showing and just that.

We will put your credits and references in the credits if you are agree, but I needed to ask first, I will not make anything that is illegal.
I hope you can help me with this, thank you so much guys, you rock.
EnemmyV2 on 06/29/13 at 06:45PM
I am in the same way of @KarlaBurelo, I wanna use this song to show a product, but not selling the video, Can I use the song?, I won't Remix or sell the video, and I will put the song name and ur FMA nickname.

I need a reply, thanks.
EnemmyV2 on 06/29/13 at 06:52PM
(I speak spanish, excuse my grammar)
I'm sorry I forgot to explain, by showing a product I mean to show our place where people can come and speak to a psychologist, I cant explain myself on english, but you get the idea, thanks.
lenneth4 on 08/08/16 at 05:12PM
pure awesome
Will use for my next game
05 on 08/12/16 at 01:27AM
this is perfect for music for my vlog, hope thats ok?
06 on 01/08/17 at 12:05AM
Hope you don't mind but I used your song for a video of mine, possibly more, here:
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