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Kali Durga by Fabio Keiner

Album Description

Released:January 12th, 2015

It is part of my ongoing work and attempt to interpret aspects of Hindu religion and mythology in sound.


Kali Durga is the dark, if we may say, original and violent aspect of the great mother goddess in Hindu pantheon; wife of Shiva, dancing on corpses, slayer of demons. Nevertheless, she also is worshipped in more gentle and benign aspects - under the famous "108 Sacred names of Kali Durga" many point to this aspect.


So, the 4 tracks are named after 4 (of the 108 names/aspects) :

- Apraudha - the never ageing, forever young,

- Durga - the invincible,

- Sarvasuravinasha - the demon slayer,

- Savitri - daughter of the sun(god).


For a non-Hindu westener like me a fascinating universe of myths, legends, costums and traditions to get acquainted with slowly in a long process. My music is an attempt to come closer with the essence of some aspects of this concepts - 'Kali Durga' is one (very first) step towards this aim.


All sounds/music are reworked improvisation on various vst-synths and instuments, some in just intonation.


( album available in lossless format )


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Kali Durga
01. Apraudha (21:23)
02. Durga (07:40)
03. Sarvasuravinasha (14:07)
04. Savitri (19:26)
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