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Music For The Jilted Generation by Ergo Phizmiz

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Released:May 4th, 2010

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From 2003 until today, Ergo Phizmiz has been covering epic works of popular music of such artists as Aphex Twin, The Velvet Underground, Radiohead, Kylie Minogue, Snap!, Eiffel 65 – just to name a few. The ingenious results have been published here and there on the web, but the Phiz felt it was about time to release all his reinterpretations as a collection on one label.

The covers are a big portion of my work - I want them to have "a home", and I want them to reach an audience. [...] Add to that the fact that, in 2003 when I first put out a CDr of the Aphex Twin covers, the whole Aphex Twin community wanted to run me off the internet with pitchforks! So we can have fun pissing off IDM fanboys again. Ah the good old days.

To celebrate the release of his entire catalogue of cover versions, Ergo once again kicked into action and recorded an additional cover album by himself in one day:

I want to cover something that's a real "sacred cow". Do you know the album "Music For the Jilted Generation" by The Prodigy? In the UK it kind of defined a generation, early 90s... he wrote in an email couple of weeks ago. The very next day he sent us the link to download this incredibly great acoustic version of the Prodigy's legendary electronic dance album...

Upitup is honored to present you Ergo Phizmiz, Music For the Jilted Generation alongside the collection of all cover versions from his projects "Ergo Phizmiz & his Orchestra", "The Midnight Florits", and "Rock'N'Roll Machine".

The Voodoo who do what you don't dare do, people!


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Music For The Jilted Generation
01. Intro (01:04)
02. Break and Enter (03:22)
03. Their Law (03:21)
04. Full Throttle (03:16)
05. Voodoo People (05:05)
06. Speedway (04:07)
07. The Heat (01:50)
08. Poison (02:54)
10. One Love (02:11)
11. 3 Kilos (03:01)
12. Skylined (02:17)

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