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König in Thule by Emil Klotzsch

Album Description

Released:October 17th, 2010

via bandcamp: „Deutsche Lieder“ is a collection of 4 songs i carried along with me for a very very long time. 

The oldest song, "pine", is now 10 years old. 

They are maybe my most personal songs. 


I carried them with me cause i could not decide where to put them. 

Not cause i don´t like them, but cause i like them so much. 

It´s like letting your children go. 

I grew out of some of those feelings described in the songs, but they are still a part of me. 

So i can let them go more easy now. 


I made these songs during a great period of time, with long pauses (where i made other music) between the songs. 

I often tend to do music with a concept and selfgiven limitations. 

Not with these songs. I allowed myself to do whatever i wanted to do, and used every instrument i would like to use. No boundaries this time. 

Some sort of freedom which can be very helpfull in someways, and the opposite the other times. 


i drew all the pictures you see here. every song has a picture of its own, you see it when you click on a song. 


for the interested, i have other releases online at:




Drums on "pine": Hannes Feder
violin on "pine": dominik böhringer 
trumpet on "pine": Malte Weuste


tags: folk alternative electronica experimental folk melancholic pop pop vocal Köln


04. König in Thule (09:49)

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