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The Book Of The Dead by Elemental Noise

Album Description

Released:October 1st, 2002

The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead reveals a dark, chaotic and mysterious world, a terrifying world under its proper rules, but the Book discloses too a fascinating initiatic path toward the Light of Eternity. At one and the same time darker and luminous, all these tense atmospheres are perfectly rendered by Elemental Noise. 


A difficult music for a difficult subject, but after some listenings we bravely pass through the Gate of Death for being charmed by these strange sonorous textures. We come out a little disoriented from there, but at each travel our mind is more and more impregnated by fascination.


"Yesterday I was born; Today I create Tomorrow.

Yesterday I have crossed the Gate of Death and Today the powerful Goddess open for me the Gate which guards the path to Eternity.

I am the Lord of Metamorphoses and I own all Shapes and all Spirits of all Gods.

I pass through the Gate of Light and my radiance fills the Infinite Sky.

I pass through the Gate of Light and I live with Re for Eternity".



Music Composed, Performed, and Produced by Elemental Noise.

Only one synth used on this album, the Waldorf Microwave XT.

Recorded and mixed in 2001 at Flipper The Dog Studio, Paris.


Original Artworks painted on papyri by Horus Gamrath, courtesy of the Cherrouk Collection, Paris.

Pictures by Ironside.

Design by Elemental Noise & Graph’Hypnotic.


( album available in lossless format )



The Book Of The Dead
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