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LOCATION:Las Palmas de Gran Canari...
  • Cristian Muñoz (Drums
  • Percussion)
  • Danny Benavides (bass
  • keyboards
  • synthesizers) and Zeus G. (Guitar
  • vocals
  • keyboards
  • synthesizer)

El Pilar Azul are Cristian Muñoz (Drums, Percussion), Danny Benavides (bass, keyboards, synthesizers) and Zeus G. (Guitar, vocals, keyboards, synthesizer) El Pilar Azul was born in 2007 as an independent project of Zeus, (parallel to Proyecto:Estragos) to output the number of songs composed and recorded by him, deeper and more experimental themes, more in search of different "stations psychic" sound through the simple sense of entertainment. Since 2007, material is gathered, although unintentionally, in principle, take it to live. In December 2010, someone proposed to Zeus a concert in his hometown (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) and he decides to call Cristian Munoz to play drums. In tests, the project begins to take shape almost by itself. Prepares direct eleven songs in three weeks, and Dani Benavides call to attend the event and see if you would enter as a bassist. Dani accepted, and the group has established itself as such.



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