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jason on 06/06/2011 at 09:42PM

Estándar: Guadalajara Compilado 001 review

Estándar ( is an online platform for contemporary culture from Mexico. It's a new project, but from a group of people who have long been active in the underground music community, curating for local events as well as global/online distribution.

COMPILADO 001, the first in a series of samplers from Estándar, shines a light on the vibrant Guadalajara music scene. One of these artists -- the avant plunderphonicollagist .RR (né Arturo Ortega) -- may already be familiar to FMA listeners as a Classwar Karaoke participant whose work has been curated by suRRism-Phonoethics. The rest range from to shimmering pop (Hey Chica!), to dark-wave minimalism (Tzohto y la mente paisajista), to flavored folk (Cyané & Dorotheo) and revolutionary punk (El Sagrado). A shoegaze haze looms large throughout, and that's a good thing; nod along with "Waitin' for the Orange Sunshine".

This mix flows together seamlessly, so I encourage you to listen to all ten tracks as a whole, and keep an eye on what's next from Estándar!

-Jason via blog



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