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L'Hermite by Dolby, Fialkiewicz, Jovet

Album Description

Released:February 15th, 2018

Released in January 2018 on Throne of Bael Records (UK).

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Christopher Thomas Knight (born 7 December 1965), also known as the North Pond Hermit, is a former hermit who lived almost without human contact for 27 years in the woods in the North Pond area of Maine.

Knight entered the woods in 1986, aged 20, without saying goodbye to anyone. Knight survived the intense Maine winters (with temperatures dipping as low as –25 °F / –32 °C) by waking up during the coldest part of the night and pacing his camp until warm.
Many have expressed admiration for Knight's outdoor survival skills, especially in the harsh Maine winters. Some also expressed doubt, believing instead that Knight broke into and took refuge in vacant cabins.

Journalist Michael Finkel met with Knight for nine one-hour sessions. This was the genesis for first an article in GQ magazine in August 2014, and then the book The Stranger In The Woods, published in March, 2017.

( album available in lossless format )

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