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Episode 022 △ Witch House ][ Tethra 9▲] by Das Kabinett

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Free Music Archive’s main curators involved in these episodes:blocSonic, CKUT’s music program, Oddio Overplay, Song-O-Phone, WFMU, ISSUE Project Room, True Chip Till Death, XEROXED, UCSB Cylinder Audio Archive, DRAM – Database of Recorded American Music, Excavated Shellac, suRRism-Phonoethics.

Main source artists of this episode:? Sakura ? A Kombi Acustica Ag Davis Ahad Despera Aidan Baker Alas de Mosca Alexei boriosov and Anton mobin Alinta Krauth Amelita Galli Curci amt Andre Darius Andre Darius, Paul Mimlitsch, Martin Pozdrowicz Andrew_Howes Anorexia Mental Apostles Of Robespierre Arco Enarmonico Arrm Dmah Ars Sonor Ars Sonor & B.Lone Engines Arthur Doyle Arzathon Assif Tsahar, Mat Maneri, Jim Black Avereginacelorumparti Babyoil Berlin Billy Childish Birmingham Head Kick Black India BLOB Breuss Arrizabalaga Quintet Brian Dewan Brown Buno Maderna Castello di Trokai CAVE Caveone Chientaroli Espinal Rave Vitale Cj Stiori Clan Constant_Light Cooler Copor Corpse Cullah dadala Dan No Ura Dave Gabriel David Nadeau Decomentarium Doctor Turtle Domestic Turmoil Druckman Dunaewsky69 Ectoplasm Electronic Panorama Ergo Phizmiz Ergo Phizmiz & Margita Zalite Excepter Filipe Guimares Fraktion Frump! Strumpet! Strife! Full Load of King Funeral Vbr Graham Bole Greater Than Or Equal To Grindbo Halffter Henri Roger Hinterlandt Andy Rantzen Holliger 1977 Horror Radio Shows Ignatz Igor krutogolov and kenji siratori Infetu Jaan Patterson Jack Norworth Jared C. Balogh Jazznoize Jess Stacy Jgimblypuff & The House Cattz Jimmy Noone & His Orch Jimmy Rogers Joe Morris, Nate Wooley Joo pedro viegas Kai Engel Karen Cooper Complex Kathleen Martin keith helt Kohlenzug1999 Vbr Konstrukt Kosta T Krovavaya Soska Latent Chaos Leadbelly (H.Ledbetter) Light Levels Lights Out Lionel Hampton & His Orch Little Howlin Wolf Luciana Bass Luciano Berio Lyn Goeringer Ma La Pert Macon Tights MaCu Mammal Marsh Goblins Martin Pozdrowicz Mary Halvorson And Joe Mcphee Mauricio Kagel Mayo And Tally Mechanical Mick Barr and Chuck Bettis Mikael Hirsz Mincemeat Or Tenspeed Mion L'image Econduite Miquel Parera Mischa, Josef Adler Mmcc 64kb More Percussion Morton Subotnick Murder Zavr Music Factory Mutant Beatniks MV Carbon MV__EE My Lost Dialogue With Swine Fluids Mystery theatre Nerosha Z New Phonic Art Nikola P. Mnlm No Zu Noidboy Not Daniel Johnston Npa NPEXP Oaxacan Oddio Overplay Ombrelli Sciolti Outpost owczarek caicedo ponsa trio Pablo Pablo Perez Panda Paranoico Pandu Hidayat & Baghagia Patrizia Mattioli Paul Mimlitsch Paul Whiteman Paulo chagas Peg Simone People Skills Perfection phenotypo Pinar Akbay Prana-Bindu Pro Mark Projekt Karpaty Magiczne Protein Imperialism ps Pseudofnord FRIENDS Mix R.I.P. Beetle Reid Karris Reimann Reimann Requiem Ric Royer and G Lucas Crane Robert B. Lisek Robert Lippok and Beatrice Martini Roche Jim Roman Slavka Scandra Schizod Bass Schnebel Sea Of Scald Seamo Simon Seeing Ear Theatre Seperated By Water Radioedit Sete Star Sept Shadow Priest Shadows Setin Stone Radioedit Shanachie Records Yazoo Shiny Brites Sieghai Silash Leachman Sobrio Solar Skeletons Songforrose soundZcapa Sri Guru Star Of The County Down, Stefano Roncarolo, Sandro Marinoni, Steve Gunn, Strasbourg, Studio Noir, suRRism, Swab 64kb, Take Off Your Skin, Tales From the Crypt, The Agrarians, The Bran Flakes, The Council Flats of Kingsbury, The Lothars, The Original, Pixie Dance, The Snails, THF, Drenching Timo Kahlen TM+, Toru Takemitsu, Towork Trans Atlantic Rage Uton Vincent Barras and Jacques Demierre Vocalprayer Voices2004 Volvox Whale, William Davison, Willie Lane Wittinger Wolf D. Schreidber Wolpe Wreckmeister Harmonies Wume Yahuy-Che-Kabah Youcould... Zach Layton Zimmermann, Zs


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