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 Das Kabinett (1 Albums, 20 Tracks)


Das Kabinett
  • DJ resident:
  • Andrea Sozzi
  • Host characters:
  • E.V.P. Ghost Voices
  • Co-host DJs:
  • SG
  • Audio Curator
  • Publisher:
  • Radical Matters – Editions/Label
  • Radical Matters - Editions/Label

RMEDL | Das Kabinett - Freeform Radio Podcast seriesThese Das Kabinett's episodes, are a freeform DJ live session series, based on Free Music Archive's auditory materials. An uncanny and transfigurated version of the music available on F.M.A. for your inner ear, collected as a conceptual album, where they will be hosted all the aperiodical show's emissions, a sort of cabinet in the FMA'splatform which becomes the focus of a "ready-made" audio drama in various episodes, a meta-opera on the F.M.A.'s platform in itself. DJ resident: Andrea Sozzi Host characters: E.V.P. and Psychophonic ghost voices Concept design, audio Curator, publisher: Radical Matters – Editions/Label



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