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 Cory Gray (2 Albums, 64 Tracks)


  • Cory Gray

Cory Gray is a composer’s composer.  He’s a multi-instrumentalist (often called on by the Portland A-list to lend keys and trumpet), an adventurous arranger, a studio wizard, and a compelling producer and engineer.  No wonder he’s made a lot of noteworthy music for Film and TV including at least half a dozen scores and a myriad of placements in Discovery, Mtv and other cable networks.

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Wkmmjj on 07/17/16 at 08:07AM
I love the sound of all your pieces and i would love to be able to use them in animation or intros, not great at animating but I am trying. thank you and pls reply.
cheyenne_h on 07/20/16 at 04:55PM
Hi Wkmmjj, both albums are licensed CC BY-NC so you can use them in animations as long as you give credit to the artist and do not use the videos for commercial purposes. You can find more about this license here:
Wkmmjj on 07/25/16 at 02:13AM
Thank you Cheyenna_h i've read the license before, just making sure it's absolutely ok with him for me to use it you never know the license may not say everything he would like.
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