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 Charlie Salas-Humara (1 Albums, 18 Tracks)


LOCATION:Portland, Oregon
  • Grapefruit
  • Son Angle
  • Regular Music
  • Panther


Charlie Salas-Humara has been a fixture in the Portland music scene for over a decade now, but these days, you simply can’t avoid him. On his own, Salas Humara writes and records under the name Grapefruit. It’s a suitably tart and tangy name for the synth and drone work he is creating. The music he has released to date has an early morning drowsiness to it, a quality that can only be influenced by the sleep deprivation he must be dealing with as a new father. His work could also work just as easily as the soundtrack to a Blade Runner-style science fiction epic – one that is rain-soaked, neon-lit, and foreboding.

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