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Vers la source by Charles premier

Album Description

Released:January 10th, 2013

A mere journey through time,

the great work of anachronistic alchemists,

the apiary of a network of precognitifs,

the magnetic murmur of a quantum flaw,

a vortex of antimatter annihilating all listeners' dogmas,

a dream above the Earth passing through the Unconscious,

a psychotropic meditation resetting the consciousness,

an early bud of the new era,

the psychoactive alliance of the mental mutants...

The spectrum of possibilities has been further expanded.


Difficult to define Necktar 2017, while the second cycle is not finish.

Currently it is a compilation of hors norme (not normal) music for free sharing, articulated in several thematic episodes and cycles.

For know what it will be ultimately, unless we can travel through time, it won't be until 2017.


A co-release (January 2013) by Le Colibri Necrophile / Earsheltering / H.A.K. Lo-Fi Record.


The set of themes of volume 5 is

Artificial / Fusion / Natural : Union.


The set of themes of volume 4 is

Theory / Fusion / Practical : Revelation.


The set of themes of volume 3 is

Macro / Perception / Micro : Evolution.


The set of themes of volume 2 is

Random / Perception / Cycles : Reproduction.


The set of themes of volume 1 is

Reel / Perception / Realities : Illusion.


33. Vers la source (05:57)

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