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Brandon Liew

For Canadian film and video game composer / producer, Brandon Liew, honesty is a virtue that resonates deeply and manifests itself as authenticity through his music.

Driven by a need for expression, Liew strives to connect with others by interpreting their experiences of being human through musical storytelling. Liew’s fusion of pop, rock, orchestral, and electronic music is often found accompanying the stories of people around him, heightening the drama and emotions in their everyday adventures. Born on December 1992, Liew was raised in Edmonton, Alberta, and developed his love of music as a teenager through the electric guitar, where he taught himself to play classic rock songs along with pop standards from the Beatles. He began writing and producing his own music in high school and studied accounting at the Alberta School of Business before dropping out at the age of 20 to pursue a career as a full-time musician. In recognition of his musicianship, Liew has since received the Dean’s Medal of Honor from Grant MacEwan University and the prestigious 2015 MusiCounts Fred Sherratt Award along with 11 other outstanding musicians from post-secondary institutions across Canada. 

Liew’s music is rooted in the traditions of pop but also blends contemporary rock, lush orchestral landscapes, and hard hitting electronic timbres to realize his own musical visions. Operating as a one-man studio band from his humble apartment, Liew is unafraid to use the studio as a creative platform to jump down the rabbit hole in search of a better musical idea or to fully realize his often ornate musical arrangements. As a freelance composer and producer, Liew works closely with his clients to bring out the emotions and central themes in their projects through music. He is flexible to their needs and is equally comfortable with serving as a conduit for a client’s creative output or providing his own original ideas for each individual project.

Liew is currently based in Boston, Massachusetts, and attends the Berklee College of Music on a scholarship where he currently studies film scoring. He is also working around Boston as a film and video game composer.



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