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Braille’s debut was back in 2001 on the Barcelona label Cosmos, an album filled with pop
nuances, jazz complex rythms, even some latin influences mixed with what now has become a
classical electronic sound (even if it’s not), trying always to merge the organic with the electronic.
A music influenced by a wide musical background where we could possibly listen the echoes
and influences of productions labels like Factory or 4AD or Classical and Barroque music, concrete
music (Schaeffer, Parmegiani), Jazz (Coltrane, Mingus, Monk), Contemporary music (Feldman,
Cages, Ives) ; not forgeting some actual labels like Tzadik, Sonig, Mego, Trill jockey, Table of
elements… Still with further resonances from cult group like the Beatles, New Order, Sonic Youth, The
Smiths, My Bloody Valentine or the Velvet Underground.
« Dia mes año » Braille’s first Lp gave him the chance to play at festivals like Sonar 2000
Barcelona, Observatory 2001 in Valencia, he also played at the Sprawl (2001) in London and
supported Lamb in Barcelona and Madrid (2002). The same year one of the tracks of « Dia mes año »
was selected for the DVD compilation D-tonate by the London collective of graphic designers,
collaborators with the Wire magazine.
Braille actually live in Toulouse (south west of France) where he also played during last
summer edition of « les siestes electroniques » .
His compositions have evolved towards less rythmic, more abstract and emotional terrains,
resulting from many different personal and artisting meetings, along with deep personal experiences,
the outcome of wich is the album « Partir ».
V/A Cosmos 2000 – 2 tracks / Cosmos_rec (2000)
Día Mes Año - LP / Cosmos_rec (2001)
D-Tonate – 1 tracks – DVD / D-Fuse_The Wire (2002)
Partir – LP / Angstrom_rec (2004)
Fibla rmxs LP – Toulouse rmx / Spark (2004)




01. postal (04:36)
02. presente (05:00)
03. Player 1 (03:45)
04. rencontre (05:23)
05. apartamiento (05:40)
06. trapecio (04:08)
07. denso (04:02)
08. nudo (02:51)
09. player 2 (02:46)
10. recover (04:53)
11. rollercoster (05:02)
12. wonderland ? (04:36)


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