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LOCATION:Washington, DC
  • Ryan Holladay
  • Hays Holladay

Bluebrain is the Washington, DC duo consisting of brothers Hays and Ryan Holladay. As Bluebrain, these brothers have brought an unrivaled energy and innovation to site-specific sound experiments, interactive concerts, and, recently, documentary film scoring. The band also opened for the newly reunited Dismemberment Plan in January 2011.

Bluebrain released a limited edition 7" on Sockets Records in Spring 2011. The single, entitled "The Pull / The Push", features lush electronic production with some of the danciest beats from the brothers to date. Also, one very special aspect of the 7" is how the two tracks can be combined. Each side of the 7" can be considered a stand alone track or Side A and Side B can be played simulataneously to form one song. 





stalker_m6 on 11/24/11 at 06:28AM
nice music =)) i like it
alongrun on 10/02/13 at 10:50PM
Hey, I am currently editing a full length documentary about running and the founder of the largest running magazine in the world, Bob Anderson. We also interviewed Olympic Gold Medalists, World Record Holders, and average people with amazing stories about running. I have actually already edited this song into the film before reading your licensing agreement and was wondering what we would have to do to have your song make the film. Again, this is a very powerful song and its fits perfectly into our movie and would love to have it in it. We are currently finalizing music and we are looking to premiere Dec 20th in San Francisco. So we would preferably like a response ASAP! We are also looking to make a soundtrack album to sell which you would receive royalties for. Again, please respond as soon as possible! Thank you. You can email me at
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