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Each weighing in with one original track and one remix, Blackmass and his Crooked One alter ego do battle with themselves across four tracks of fractured sci-fi funk.

As a taster for the forthcoming Crooked One LP 'Non Fiction Horror', Blackmass Plastics remixes album cut 'Disaster Area', reworking the bleak industrial landscape of the original into a lean electrobass dancefloor warp out...

Next up Blackmass Plastics drops 'Squelch Gate', a direct dose of technoid rave energy featuring (unsurprisingly) a squelch and a gate.

Crooked One takes up the remix duties on Blackmass' Rag and Bone tune 'Tek Tek', stripping it down to the marrow and delivering a nasty slice of space vacuum halfstep (any excuse to dust off the classic old 'hi tech music' sample)...

Finally 'Uranium Blues' continues Crooked One's mission to explore the darker regions of the X-step universe, crossing the event horizon in a sub bass powered telepod and returning with a bad case of radiation sickness.


Morphamish's Urge Mode, the third leg of BLM finally kicks off, with a split EP between Blackmass Plastics and his slightly more techy alter ego Crooked One. So for one swift download, you get one remix by each, of the other, and an original tune. Squelch Gate's proving favourite so far - a speedy, but none-too-mental 4/4 banger, offset by dubby percussion and LFO basslines. Hearing a flagged-up "here it comes" in a breakdown should be stupid, but proves awesome, and the crispness of the production indicates how killer it'll sound in a club. The low-end nastiness of Uranium Blues and the shuffling rave-isms of Tek Tek (Crooked One remix) are both well executed too, giving the EP a diverse pallette of the whole bass music spectrum. It's fucking brilliant to see a name like Blackmass, who's put out a wealth of vinyls on the likes of Rag and Bone, acknowledging the power of netlabellism and the CC mindset. We need more like this online.
- Liam Arnold, Team Little Rock / Shallow Rave

Original artwork for cover by Gwenboul, under a Creative Commons License, some rights reserved.

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03. TekTek (04:39)

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