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 Beam Camp (1 Albums, 14 Tracks)


LOCATION:Strafford, NH
  • Nick
  • Sylvie
  • Yasmin
  • Henry
  • Mitchell
  • Mateo
  • Caleb
  • Gray
  • Gabe
  • Elise
  • Jason Sigal
  • Dan Byer

At Beam kids learn to make things happen through fine and manual arts, technology and collaboration. They work together on the spectacular Beam Project while exploring innovative thinking, design and the creative process. Campers engage with our full-time and visiting staff of professional architects, videographers, builders, engineers, designers, and makers of all kinds. (via facebook, Jul 2013)

All of the sounds on this disc were created in the reverberant dining hall at Beam Camp in New Hampshire, July 7-14 2013. First we recorded things like xylophone, meditation bowls, styrofoam cups, voices, guitar, cymbal, hand drum, metal bowls full of water, gargling, piano, walkie talkies, and benches being dragged across the floor. We turned the sounds into hundreds of samples using Audacity, an open source audio editor with effects like pitch, speed, reverse and reverb. Drawing from this shared pool of original samples, we worked in pairs to create custom instruments by dragging our favorite sounds into GarageBand soundboards. We created loops by triggering the sounds with the keyboard and adjusting MIDI notes. We shared our loops with each other and layered more loops and effects.

Campers: Nick, Sylvie, Yasmin, Henry, Mitchell, Mateo, Caleb, Gray, Gabe, Elise
Domain Leader: Jason Sigal
Assistant: Dan Byer



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