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Live at WFMU on Talk's Cheap, Oct 13th 2011 by Asian Women on the Telephone

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Named after a Sun City Girls song, Moscow's Asian Women on the Telephone hit all the right psychedelic no wave spots and are recent favorite 'round WFMU. But while we've heard their international noise underground releases via the Free Music Archive, and witnessed live footage of their overgrown mutant arthropod costumes, this tour marks Asian Women on the Telephone's USA debut! Follow them on FMAmyspace, or for our Russian-speaking listeners. 


Sat Oct 8 @ UAG Gallery Albany, NY w/ Spreaders // Holy Sheet // Bone Parade // Ghoul Poon

Sun Oct 9 @ Bruar Falls Brooklyn, NY w/ Advaita // Guerilla Toss // Celestial Shore

Tue Oct 11 @ Cake Shop NYC, NY w/ Manburger Surgical // Spreaders // Zilmrah

Thu Oct 13 @ Stud Bar San Francisco, CA w/ California Bleeding // Sutekh Hexen // Wounded Stag

Fri Oct 14 @ the Know Portland, OR w/ Big Black Cloud // Ellipse Elkshow

Sat Oct 15 @ Phantom City Records Olympia, WA w/ Broken Water // Sewn Leather

Sun Oct 16 @ the Josephine Seattle, WA w/ Perpetual Ritual // Broken Water // WaMü 

Sun Oct 23 @ the Smell LA, CA w/ Human Hands // more TBA 

Thu Oct 27 @ Mama Buzz Cafe SF Oakland, CA w/ Kitchen Wallet // James Keane



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Jason Sigal on 11/21/2011 at 08:53PM

Asian Women On The Telephone on WFMU! from WFMU on Vimeo.

video by Yvonne Szymczak and Katya Ashytkova. 


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