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The Third Circle by Ars Sonor

Album Description

Ars Sonor "The Third Circle"
Recorded:November 8th, 2015
Producer: Ars Sonor
Engineer: Pennfodralet

"Remember that short story about Buddha and the bandit? You could feel mighty because you can wound and destroy, but the real mighty ones know how to create and to heal instead. Once you cut off the branch of a tree, you cannot put it back again. Once you've stabbed a heart of someone loyal to you, you can't heal it, the damage is done. The heart will heal by itself, but the scars are to remain there forever. And this is a two-way road as well... I was really reluctant to release this album because it contains the last outbursts of anger and pain I felt during second half of 2014, before my awakening process had started. Concentrated anguish of the last glimpse... of the dark night of a soul. The last glimpse of the search "without", the beginning of the search "within". The penultimate chapter of the long night. 4AM and the healing rain pouring on the bleeding wounds of the tree, on the broken branches scattered on the soil around. The eleventh hour, my dear sand traveler... Time to make peace with the past. Let it go with love, for you can only invite the new in your life by detaching from the old. And the new branches will grow with time... for the morning is almost here. We have so much to exchange, my friend, but look beyond the horizon, beyond this veil of painful memories... You see it now. Everything will be alright"

Produced between July and December 2014.


Thanks to Emil Ö. for the inspiration.

Thanks to Cisca van D. for the inspiration.

Thanks to Linnea Å. for the inspiration.

Thanks to Marie G. for the inspiration.

Thanks to Kristin E. for the experience.

Thanks to Ifeoma C. for the experience.

Tracks appeared on the compilations by GodHatesGod Records (Belgium), Catalogue of Wonders (UK), Black Circle Records (UK), Fraction Studio (France), Sound for Good (USA).



The Third Circle

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