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LOCATION:Santiago, Chile
  • Andre Jetson

ANDRE JETSON is an Electronic Music Producer. Andre started in music at the age of 14 when he showed interest in classical guitar, he also learned to play the electric guitar and at the age of 17 he started making his own tracks using Reason. At the age of 20 Andre travelled to the United States to learn more about music production and that’s how he ended up in the well known recording studio in Washington DC, House Studio, recording studio which has been nominated to the Grammys for 3 consecutive years winning one of them. Andre has been more known for his production for the Australian Duo, NERVO, with whom he constantly collaborates with. Andre has played at Echostage (Washington DC, USA) Lima Night Club, Club Eden, Rosebar, Cities Night Club, Jamin' Java and more. His most recent work is the official remix for "Love Escape" by Paul Oakenfold & Amba Shepherd released by Perfecto Records. Andre currently has his own radio show at Santiago Bueras Radio Station 107.5 FM, Santiago, Chile. ANDRE JETSON es un DJ y Productor Musical de música electrónica. Andre comenzó en la música a la edad de 14 años cuando mostró interés por la guitarra clásica, con el tiempo aprendió a tocar guitarra eléctrica y a crear sus propias bases con Reason a la edad de 17 años. A los 20 años Andre viajó a Estados Unidos para perfeccionarse en la producción musical y es así como llego al reconocido estudio de grabación en Washington DC, House Studio, estudio de grabación que ha sino nominado a los Grammys por 3 años consecutivos ganando uno de ellos. Andre ha sido mas conocido por su producciones para las hermanas australianas NERVO con quienes colabora constantemente. Andre trabajó en Echostage (Washington DC, USA), Lima Night Club, Club Eden, Rosebar, Cities Night Club, Jammin' Java, entre otros. Su mas reciente trabajo es el remix oficial de "Love Escape" por Paul Oakenfold & Amba Shepherd lanzado por Perfecto Records. Andre actualmente tiene su propio show radial en la radio Santiago Bueras 107.5 FM, Santiago, Chile.

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Soularflair on 06/06/17 at 02:51AM
Deep, pumping grooves. Slick production as well. Nice.
Andre Jetson on 07/20/18 at 08:31PM
Fell free to share, upload and use my music guys! Thank you for listening and downloading
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