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Introduction To Humanity by All Scars

Album Description

front cover
Released:January 12th, 1999
Engineer: Guy Picciotto

Introduction To Humanity is All Scars second and most controversial release.  

Chuck Bettis - vocals, trumpet, keyboards, electronics, cowbell, pennywhistle

Jerry Busher - drums, maracas, trumpet, cowbell, tapes, effects, maraca/guitar

Dug Birdzell - bass, alarm clock

Brendan Canty - guitar & keyboard on A tracks

Amy Farina - vocals on "Man O' War"

James Canty - keyboard,effects & whirlytube on B tracks

Evan Rapport - reeds on C tracks

Front cover artwork by Jerry Busher

Back cover photo by Arianna

A tracks recorded at the Pirate House by Guy Picciotto in March 1997

B tracks recorded live at the Knitting Factory in November 1997

C tracks recorded by Kimberly at WMUC in April 1998

all mixed by Juan Carrera and All Scars

This album in physical form is out of print.  Here it is for your digital pleasure!  



Introduction To Humanity
01. Track 01 A (01:45)
02. Track 02 B (01:18)
03. Track 03 C (05:17)
04. Track 04 A (06:46)
05. Track 05 B (02:10)
06. Track 06 C (02:27)
07. Track 07 B (03:38)
08. Track 08 C (03:30)
10. Track 10 B (05:11)
11. Track 11 C (05:31)
12. Track 12 A (01:16)
13. Track 13 C (02:31)

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