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 Aina Haina (1 Albums, 5 Tracks)


LOCATION:Portland, OR.
  • Mike Ailes and Dylan Magierek

Portland’s Aina Haina (pronounced “Eye-na High-na”) traces it’s roots back to Hawaii where members Mike Ailes and Dylan Magierek met while attending the University of Hawaii an undisclosed number of years ago (they are notoriously evasive when discussing the band’s timeline or anything to do with how old they are, claiming their records at the University have been sealed, so no one should bother checking). In any case, they found their paths converging once again in Portland and quickly discovered that they still connected musically. This time around Magierek switched from Bass to Drums and they quickly wrote a handful of high-energy tunes, coining the term “Power Duo” to describe their sound.

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