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Anneliese Michel by ASOTWL

Album Description

Released:September 2nd, 2017

ASOTWL (All Signs Of Those Who Left) is a side project of Daniel James Dolby.

Anneliese Michel (21 September 1952 – 1 July 1976) was a German woman who underwent Catholic exorcism rites during the year before her death.

Later investigation determined that she was malnourished and dehydrated; her parents and the priests responsible were charged with negligent homicide.
She was diagnosed with epileptic psychosis (temporal lobe epilepsy) and had a history of psychiatric treatment, which was overall not effective. Her condition worsened with her displaying various other symptoms which she took medication for as well. Michel and her family became convinced she was possessed by demons.

The case attracted media and public attention because of the priests' unusual decision to employ a 400-year-old ritual of exorcism.

The film The Exorcism of Emily Rose is loosely based on her story.
The case has been cited as an example of a misidentified mental disorder, negligence, abuse and religious hysteria.

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