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woktherock on 05/31/2011 at 01:39AM

Senyawa Australian Odyssey

The Senyawa Australian Odyssey is a 3 city tour of Australia by Indonesian musicians Wukir Suryadi and Rully Shabara—focusing on performing at all the premiere experimental music events and with the heavy weights of the experimental music local and international.

The tour start in Brisbane with shows in collaboration with Andrew Mclennan, Yasukai Akai and Joel Stern. They will go on to perform in Sydney at GRUB with the well respected noise/glass eater Lucas Abela then onto Melbourne to form a trio with instrument maker Rod Cooper.

The highlight of the tour will be their performance at OVERGROUND 'a festival within a festival' at the Melbourne Jazz Fest collaborating and performing along side legends such as drone master Tony Conrad, Charlemagne Palestine, German Kraut rock band FAUST and also a possible collaboration between Rully and Japanese drummer and vocalist Tatsuya Yoshida (Ruins).

Senyawa were invited to tour Australia not only for their contemporary approach to traditional music styles but also for their unique ‘voice’ in the world of contemporary music today. A ‘voice’ that perfectly incorporates traditional Indonesian music styles and traditional instruments within a new and innovative framework.

27 May The Mute Canary Project
29 May Bastard Theatre of Brisbane
1 June Spec Festival

5 June GRUB with Lucas Abela
8 June Now Now Festival

10 June Stutter with Rod Rodney J Cooper
12 June OVERGROUND Festival as part of the Melbourne Jazz Festival 

Organiser: Kristi Monfries
Producer: Kate Ben Tovim
Supported by The Volcanic Winds Project, Australian Indonesia Institute and Asialink



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