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I'm a visual artist live and work in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I founded and runs Yes No Wave Music, a netlabel releasing exciting Indonesian music from various genres for free. I'm also curating XEROXED for FMA.

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woktherock on 12/13/2012 at 08:30AM

Zoo (Indonesia) Releases Long-Awaited Album "Prasasti"

Zoo "Prasasti" Boxset CD

ZOO is one of experimental rock retainers from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. In their earlier years, Zoo was playing noisy, fast, mathematical pattern a la Boredom, Melt Banana or Hella that can be found on their mini album "Kebun Binatang". In their first full album Trilogi Peradaban", Zoo began to combine textures of western experimental rock and the concept of Indonesian tribal music. This debut was released in limited number (100 copies) of Boxset consists of three CDs with a packaging made out of wood. This second album was also released to be downloaded for free in digital format by Yes No Wave Music and distributed on CD by Australian label Tenzemen and DualPlover.

After almost three year break, towards the end of 2012, Zoo comes back with a second full album called "Prasasti". This album contains 11 composed songs and 11 improvised songs. Here, Zoo ripens the concept that they started in "Trilogi Peradaban". The lyrics are using various traditional languages in Indonesia; Aceh, Bugis, Palembang, Dayak, Lombok, Kawi, Sulawesi Tengah, Banjar, and Minang. Not only that, Rully the vocalist/songwriter creates an alphabetical script called Zugrafi.

The packaging of "Prasasti" is made out of 1.7 kg granite, with the band name and album title carved on a stainless steel plate. Inside the packaging is also a sheet of recycled paper containing screen-printed lyrics and song credits. This packaging is only available for 200 copies, hand-numbered on the sleeve. The digital format was released for free download by Yes No Wave Music.

Zoo - "Manusia Baru" (06:10)
Zoo - "Manusia Baru" (06:10)
Zoo - "Plaba Umak" (01:30)
Zoo - "Plaba Umak" (01:30)
Zoo - "Pemuja Hari" (03:01)
Zoo - "Pemuja Hari" (03:01)
Zoo - "Tanah Ibu" (03:52)
Zoo - "Tanah Ibu" (03:52)
Zoo - "Suplemen 1" (00:53)
Zoo - "Suplemen 1" (00:53)
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woktherock on 11/09/2012 at 04:15PM

Creative Commons Indonesia is Launched!

Illustration by Creative Commons Indonesia

Finally after a long-waiting times, we have Creative Commons in Indonesia. As a netlabel owner who using Creative Commons to licensed the works, this is a very good news. Everytime I uploaded music on the Internet Archive or Free Music Archive, I have to choose the International domain. It is fine. But I always feel envious with anyone in the world who have their country listed in Creative Commons domain option. Also, I don't know any lawyer in Indonesia who aware about Creative Commons. So, I'm a bit nervous if I found out that there's a national television program or an illegal music sharing-site use one of my releases without any attribution to our artist.

The good news came in 2010 when I read on the Creative Commons' website that Indonesia is working to start a license in the country. And I was very happy when i met Ari Juliano —a lawyer, the guy who set up the license in 2010. After almost 4 years of work, the Creative Commons will be launched today, November 10th, 2012, in Jakarta, Indonesia at the Creative Commons Asia Pacific Conference.

The conference will be held from November 10th until the 11th at Grand Sahid Hotel in Jakarta. And I'm very glad to be asked to make a compilation featuring 15 Indonesian CC artists. This compilation featured tracks released by Indonesian netlabels including Yes No Wave Music, Soundrespect, Ear Alert Records, Hujan! Rekords, Megavoid, Kanal30 Netlabel, Tsfuela/Tsefuelha Records, Inmyroom Records and StoneAge Records. The compilation produced by Creative Commons Indonesia and Indonesian Netlabel Union is a give-away CD and free-downloaded files here in Free Music Archive. Enjoy and please share this good news with the world! 


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Jaan Patterson
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thank you so much for your suppoRt! X
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Good to see you here as well.... which reminds me.... I need to check out what's new at Yes No Wave! :)
on 04/08/2009 at 09:21PM
cool, good to find you as well have you asked about becoming a curator? would be great to seee yes no wave tracks up here! i'm curating as dual plover go hard love lucas