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tommy on 05/27/2009 at 09:50AM

Clinical Archives

Little things keep me happy. Like when my mp3 player randomly picks absolutely perfect shuffle mixes when I am driving for hours. I mean a great mix really takes your mind off of how friggin' terrible driving I-95 for 600 miles on Memorial Day weekend can be. Luckily, I had loaded up my player with tons of free FMA goodies prior to departure.

I found myself constantly checking the iPod ticker to see what the hell I was listening to, and the Clinical Archives jazz compilations were popping up all the time. Song of the weekend? Damo Suzuki & Now - Metro Girl. Just something about that incessant krautrock motorik, Damo's incoherent, Cookie Monster-growling-mouth-diarrhea, and the hum of my tires. Intrigued? Have a listen below.

Clinical Archives is a netlabel "for eclectic and illogical music" that really takes the "archive" descriptor in its title seriously. Click on any song in the Clincal Jazz compilations and you're given artist bios, recording dates and settings, pictures, and literally anything else that can be said about a single recording. Fascinating info, fascinating music.

For example, I never heard of Morgan Fisher before listening to "MO 30-1 Cut" here on the FMA. I then go on to learn that he was the keyboard player on The Love Affair's 1968 hit "Everlasting Love," was in Mott the Hoople, recorded "experimential/parody/art-punk covers" like this, and now, years later lives in Japan collecting vintage analog keyboards.

Keep your eye out for new Clinical Archives additions, like this morning's album Different World by Menhirs of Er Grah featuring Tom Carter.



jason on 05/27/09 at 10:34AM
Great pick Tommy!

Moscow's Clinical Archives is one of the most consistently mind-bending labels I know of. And they're prolific, with 250+ releases since 2006. Welcome Clinical Archives to the FMA, and keep an ear out for more!
clinical on 05/27/09 at 11:01AM
Hello Tommy,
Many thanks for the delightful review!!
I'm very glad! :)
Best wishes
DylanGoing on 05/27/09 at 01:28PM
Leave it to Damo to remind me to ask why all songs don't last 20 minutes.
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