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born 1977.

married with 2 cats.

underground punk poet, musician, fanzine maker, song writer, guitarist, video art collage artist.

played guitar&bass in early Turkish punk rock/post punk/hardcore bands as; Rashit, sert itham, n.i.e, tampon...

had own side projects as; pisslicks, robomurtaza, psikedy...

publish cut-up photocopy fanzines as; acid klan, pisscore, salya sümük, yelloz, pogo, frozen kuken, hayta, kork!, haylaz eroll, spastic eroll...

recorded & released 5 albums and several eps with Turkish punk rock band Rashit, as guitarist and song writer.

still recording songs and making video arts for them...

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tolgaozbey on 07/12/2011 at 11:17AM

Some new video art and music by Tolga Ozbey

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