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The EARL of SWIRL has many, and varied, interests/projects;


Writing and performing electronica, fusion rockjazz, satirical rock, l'avant garde and ambient-industrial in bands such as:

INDIFFERENCE ENGINE -electronic trance music performed on multiple keyboards

CAPTAIN COOPER & THE EARL OF SWIRL -fusion rockjazz that is influenced by all styles of music

THE BLURKS -satirical rock, both original and parody

FLESHBOY -industrial/alternative, performed mainly on toy keyboards,

THE GUISE -psychedelic art-rock

THE CREEPBEATS -ska/reggae/rocksteady, with a satirical political message

It is music that is influenced by all the musics of the world and all the sounds around us. Even though technology is used to create it, it is organic and human, using NO sequencers or quantizing. Hypnotic textures and melodies build and SWIRL, moody sounds that evoke otherworldy landscapes, it is electronic music for a post-electronic world.


Creating digital and video art for art gallery performances that does more than accompany the music, it blurs the line between visual and auditory  sense experiences. Photography and painting, and some environmental pieces

Moihaha Productions


theEARLofSWIRL on 05/06/2013 at 01:42AM

Acoustic Guitars are a cancer

THE METAPHONE, an instrument I made out of some metal table legs

Getting tired of seeing all the attention heaped on anyone who can strum a few chords.

Music is about creativity, and too many guitarists fall into tedious ruts, repeating those same old barchord cliches and dragging music down. It's funny how much of the guitarist's lexicon comes from Chuck Berry's piano player Johnnie Johnson- they are often unaware those riffs came from a piano first.

I once saw at a music festival a guy who had made a marimba-like instrument out of several lengths of 4X4's !!! He was laying down really interesting interplay with a Sax player and a Tabla player. I've quit several bands in my life because the guiatr player insisted that music "had to be done this way and no other" Often I would retort my pet project would be a Sax, Conga, Drums, Bass, and Keys - NO GUITARS.They have a difficult time subsuming themselves into the mix to make the group sound better as a whole, always turning up their amps. Other instruments in a group more easily grasp the concept of working together, because they are usually forced to co-operate behind a guitar ego.

If you disagree with me, just ask a guitarist who his favourite band is, they will usually answer RUSH or LED ZEPPELIN or other guitar-centric bands. Hardly ever a band with multiple or esoteric instruments, or jazz, or experimental, etc., etc.


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